Kung Fury (The Film) – The most awesomest awesome you will see on the Internet today

By Kai Teo

Welcome to the world of Kung Fury, the ultimate Kung Fu Messiah to Planet Earth, of the future, in the 80s. Once a regular cop on a regular day on the job, he was struck by lightning and bitten by a cobra and was endowed with superhuman powers way beyond what Superman could ever dream of, packed into someone who looks a little like Johnny Depp.

When the trailer first came out as a kickstarter campaign, the concept was so fucking ridiculous, yet so fucking awesome, that the world screamed for it. And the Swedish creators have answered. 

This is just the trailer, scroll down a little for the official links.

Think unicorns, a triceratops cop, time travel, arcade machine monsters, cobras on segways, Thor, sexy viking women riding on T-rex, Hitler, kung fu Nazis, explosions, 8-bit graphics, cheesy music. Everything that the interwebz is crazy about has been packed into a 30-minute feature film. 

Follow the official Swedish TV link to watch it right now!

Or watch on Youtube link here:

Get ready to have your mind blown into a million pieces that explode again! 

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