Mind Control – Obedience vs. Intelligence

By Phoenix Xiong

It seems as if the majority of our society prefers obedience over intelligence. Some of us are okay with being told what to do while the rest of us prefer to question things and make intelligent decisions on our own. How did this happen?

I do not want to go too far into religion, but when I was a child, my first reaction to reading the beginning of the book of Genesis would have probably been considered disrespectful to the Christian 'god'. The way I perceived the story was that 'god' wanted a man to obey him and a woman to obey the man, rather than an intelligent species of humans. That sounds more like an ego-tripping male figure who wanted a subservient, less intelligent species to obey him. Of course, Christians to this day believe that our ancestors violated some supernatural law by becoming intelligent. Because of this, intelligence was demonized for centuries.

When you consider historical accounts involving great minds such as Copernicus, Galileo, DaVinci, Einstein, and Tesla (to name a few), you can see how having such a high level of intelligence poses a threat to the ones who control the world we live in. Knowledge truly IS power, but obedience is allowing yourself to be subdued by such authority. 

So why do so many people choose to be obedient over intelligent? Simple. A reward of some kind is usually offered in exchange for doing what you are told. Of course, there are some people who are both obedient and intelligent, but one always seems to outweigh the other. On one hand, the more obedient ones will hide their intellect as much as possible out of fear of being labelled 'crazy', while the more intelligent ones eventually become less obedient.

This is where mind control comes in.

For decades, much of our society has been a victim of mind control without realizing it. We find television to be harmless entertainment, but ignore the fact that there is a low frequency which affects our subconscious and eventually we carry that energy into our everyday lives. With the advent of the internet, things have become worse because now we have the power to spread whatever negative energy affects us onto social media outlets. When you do not understand how you have been programmed, you might get a little pissed when someone points it out. Relax, we have all been victims of it.

If you do not believe in mind control, just watch a few programs from each decade from the 1930s up until the 2000s and then read news articles from each decade. You will see clearly how easily influenced the public can be—through a little box of images and sounds. These are tools used to control the masses and it is highly effective. We are essentially a society of Pavlov's dogs.

They tell us what to wear, what to eat, how to think, who to love/hate, what is acceptable/unacceptable—AND WE OBEY! We jump on bandwagons when we see injustice without investigating situations thoroughly. We judge people by standards which may not even be our own although we think they are. We adhere to popular beliefs through collective ignorance. Simply put, many of us have forgotten how to think intelligently for ourselves because we have become too obedient; the powers that be are winning the battle over so many of us.

I am not saying that we should all go out and start breaking laws because naturally, we understand the difference between right and wrong (unless we are victims of some sort of brain damage). What I am saying is, we do not have to settle for the madness we have been fed through the screens we look at everyday. Take a break from the media (especially social media). 

Education is a never-ending process. Never stop using your mind; that's why you have one. The moment you stop using your mind, you open yourself to mental degeneration. Instead of systematically watching your favorite television programs, read a book to expand your knowledge and learn new things. Connect yourself more to nature instead of technology. Subscribe to an online magazine (i.e. buddhamag.org) to enlighten yourselves intellectually and spiritually.

Why? Because I said so. (hahaha).

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