Dear Self.

By Naresh Subhash
Inspired by Wiretap.

Dear 4 Year Old.
No, your penis is not an udder, and at some point it’s going to be inappropriate to force your
teddy bear to suckle on it. But, till then enjoy it.

Dear 6 Year Old.
At some point you will have to wear trousers at home, not because it’s cultured. But because
you will discover that there’s such a thing called seasons.

Dear 7 Year Old.
What that 30 year old man did to you isn’t right. But, you already knew that. It wasn’t your fault and you’re not a sissy.

Dear 8 Year Old.
Your parents will stop fighting soon and your father will die alone. He does. For now, stop being angry and just try to remember as much of him as you can.

Dear 9 Year Old.
You can’t buy friends.

Dear 10 Year Old.
Your 12 year old cousin isn’t going to stop touching you. For now, stay strong.

Dear 11 Year Old.
Don’t hate your Mother for adopting that cousin. She’ll always love you. Forgive her.

Dear 12 Year Old.
You’re not dumb. Your results would never define you.

Dear 13 year old.
You won’t always be fat.

Dear 14 Year Old.
Just because they are not enjoying themselves, does not mean you have to stop.

Dear 15 Year Old.
People will never accept you because you’re different. Always remember it’s their loss.

Dear 16 Year Old.
Do your thing.

Dear 17 Year Old.
You might not be like the rest of them , or be the ideal. But the next three years would set the wheel of change

Dear 18 Year Old.
Embrace your close friends today. You might never get these times back.

Dear 19 Year Old.
Live a little.

Dear 20 Year Old.
Learn everything about photoshop as you can now, you’ll need it in 5 years.

Dear 21 Year Old.
Fedoras are not for everyone

Dear 22 Year Old.
This is best your body’s going to be for a while. So fuck around… really, do it.

Dear 23 Year Old.
You’re going to meet the person who would remind you who you never would be. Be kind to her.

Dear 24 Year Old.
Choose the one’s you fall in love with very carefully.

Dear 25 Year Old.
Remember it’s not always about you.

Dear 26 Year Old.
Learn to forgive yourself. Sometimes you need to weed out the tumours and that’s okay.

Dear 27 Year Old.
Listen. It’s the best virtue, you’ll ever have.

Dear 28 Year Old.
Remember, that nothing’s wasted. Not even time.

Dear 29 Year Old.
Start Exercising compassion and patience. Not everyone’s like you.

Dear Future Self.

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