10,000 stormed the streets of Sweden for solidarity. But I wasn’t allowed to march with the feminists.

By Kai Teo
Video: César Ortiz

Last weekend, more than 10,000 anti-fascists in Malmö stood together in a show of solidarity against fucked up people.

The event that triggered this mighty demonstration was a vicious stabbing of a few local activists by a group of dim-witted neo-Nazis. Seeing these semi-developed homophobic homo sapiens behave like violent baboons is a good proof that lesser beings still tread amongst us. And it’s a sure sign that humanity still has a long way to go.

The attack might have been carefully orchestrated, or it might have been a callous display of teenage bravado. Whichever it was, the Nazis had basically waged war on our world.

While Buddha Mag is a firm believer of non-violence and world peace, this time, we think that love isn’t a feasible solution.

That’s why we joined hands with our more enlightened brothers and sisters in the march and raised our angry fists against the modern Swastika, under the same banner of “Kämpa Malmö” and its hashtag equivalent.  

For the most part, it was encouraging to see so many out on the streets to reclaim our kind of Malmö – a hate-free city without bigots.

But amidst the beautiful big picture, there were some little details that we found a little discomforting.

Instead of marching as one united front, a close-knit Malmö, and standing behind one common cause, what we saw were numerous left wing and activist groups somehow using the event to promote their own agenda.

It wasn’t 10,000 Malmö anti-fascists. It was more like 1,265 hardcore feminists, 586 communists, 4657 football fans, and a handful of other organisations waving their own flags, playing their own drums, and dancing to their own beat.

“Hello hello, test test. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a little administrative announcement. If you would like to march with the feminists, please proceed to the left of the square and wait behind the truck playing Destiny’s Child. The Malmö FF fans are gathered on the corner near the statue. The communist area is where all the red and yellow flags are. The animal rights activists are…” and the list goes on.

We didn’t think much of it at first. Until we realised that we were marching in the ‘wrong’ block.

Initially, we were dancing and shuffling to the catchy tunes of M.I.A’s “Paper Planes”, oblivious to our surroundings, while shooting imaginary guns at invisible Nazis during the chorus, “All I wanna do is pew pew pew pew…”

When we finally lifted up our heads to catch our breaths, I realised that I was probably the only dude amidst a sea of women, and many were glaring at me with a caustic mix of suspicion and annoyance.

That’s when the cause of their animosity came to light: I had a penis.

“This is a women, transgender and transsexual only block. Please respect that. Thank you.”

Some men who looked more manly (according to widely upheld stereotypes) were told to walk somewhere else. I was lucky because my gender had always been a mystery to strangers, but I could feel those prying eyes scanning me big time to see if I belonged.

Well, if that was a clever social experiment, or statement, to let men feel left out like how women have been left out of top corporate management positions, parliamentary decisions, and certain social groups, I would say that it was fucking well played.

It was pure genius. I really felt the exclusion and powerlessness. I felt that this time, the tables were turned. The feeling sucked.

But before they could pass final judgement on my gender, we quickened our pace and joined the more family-friendly and all-inclusive football fans block instead. They didn’t have the giant speakers, but hey, I felt a little safer.

Many would be quick to give shit to this group of feminists, calling them men haters or reverse sexists or weird terms like that.

But let’s credit them with the rather successful portrayal of exclusion. It’s a powerful statement against the cock-dominated corporate world. We just wished we came up with the idea first.

I hope that was their real intention. We’ve always been strong supporters of the feminist movement, but not when the movement starts to see a certain gender as being entitled to more rights than another.

Equality. That’s the keyword for the day, everyday. Equal rights, equal opportunities, equal treatment.

Even the Nazis have the freedom to hold on to their archaic beliefs. As long as that does not translate to any action that might cross into another’s right of freedom. Well, that’s the grave, fucking blunder they made this time.

Malmö, let’s truly march as one.

No more segregation. No more your flag, my flag, his or her flag. Let us stand as only 10,000 human beings, in pursuit of a better world, united against human foolishness, committed to the same banner of “Kämpa Malmö”.

That’s when we show the fucking world that we are truly one.