Day 1: Welcome home. The new world is now ours to build.

By Kai Teo
First published in the print edition of The Ozorian Prophet, Monday Aug 3, 2015

Photo courtesy: Murilo Ganesh

Dearest lovers and friends, hippies and freaks, newly indoctrinated psytrance fans, and everyone else who refused to be categorised, welcome home once again. And to those who’re here for the first time, our family embraces you with open hearts and open arms (if you’re not an asshole). 

For our next one week here, we can see ourselves as a massive social experiment, or a little trial run, to see if a human community, our community, can live together in close proximity without ego, hate, lust for power, senseless anger, and whatever fucked up shit that doesn’t stem from love. 

Our time together will be our chance to live in love, peace, respect, and of course, freedom. For the next seven days, we are given a choice to create a world that we want our world to become. What would we like our future to be? Is it gonna be one of war, conflicts, exploitation, and materialism? Or do we want a day where our children can live in any part of the planet, know nothing of bombs and guns, never have to worry about money, truly run wild as free human beings, and can dance on the streets in the middle of city during office lunch hours without anyone thinking that they’re mad?

“Come on, it’s just a festival, don’t go all dramatic on me. It’s not like our crystal healing can really stop wars.”

Well, if we don’t believe that we can change the world, no one will believe our bullshit either. We have gathered here today as an army of rainbow warriors, we drop acid, not bombs, make love, and not war. And we are at least 30,000 strong. 

Let’s use this week to truly love. Love one another, love nature, love all animals, and most importantly of all, love life itself. And we all know very well that Ozora Festival is pure magic because of this. 

Because here, we are free (well, to a large extent, I mean, food still has to be paid for, and that Flower of Life necklace that you’re wearing probably costs money too). And when we are given this much freedom, it brings out who we truly are, and truly can be. But of course, there’s still this little guideline when it comes to freedom, and that is: your freedom ends where another’s freedom begins. I don’t care if you’re really into fucking watermelons and do it on the dance floor, as long as it’s not my watermelon. 

We can choose to go through this one week fucked off our faces on all kinds of substances and not talk to anyone except gnomes and elves. Or we can try to bring out our best selves without fear of judgement from rich people wearing Armani suits. Because after one week of no showering (there are showers if you really want to), we all smell the same, and we are all the same. So let’s take this chance to see how amazing we can be, to feel how much love we can actually give and receive, and to truly celebrate the beauty of the human spirit. 

Every smile is a fuck-you to our heartless, mindless society, every hug forms an unbreakable bond of sisterhood that is based on true love, and every time we rake up the dust from our wild stomping, we awaken the phoenix of the next love revolution – our revolution. 

And when we leave paradise again, we become ambassadors of love. We go out there, put on our shoes, wash our dreadlocks, maybe go back to work in a café, but we don’t change. 

We smile at the world, we say “Good Morning” to strangers, and we help feed whoever’s hungry. People always say, “Now the festival has ended, back to the real world.” No. This world is the real world. It’s a possible world. And we are its citizens.

Everyday is Ozora. And life, can be Ozora. So let’s learn from one another this week, and hope that we can bring back something to teach the world. 

We are rainbow warriors, and we are 30,000 strong. So let the revolution begin. 

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