Day 3: Be the Wild Child – Breaking Social Norms

By Kai Teo
First published in the print edition of The Ozorian Prophet, Wednesday Aug 5, 2015

Photo courtesy: Amit Itach

It is every human being’s right to be able to dance freely under the open skies and sway to the winds of freedom without being judged. 

We have all noticed how walking to buy yourself emergency tampons can turn into the most enjoyable experience when everyone we walk past, including the sweating dogs, and the perspiring cashiers, are all dancing to the same thong-ka-thonk beat. Of course, this is a festival, everyone dances. But why shouldn’t it be like that in real life? Why are we so afraid to break out in sudden ninja dance when queuing for the ATM?

“Because the 60-year-old lady in front of me does not like Psytrance.”

Beh beh! Wrong answer. Because many social norms simply make no sense at all. Who said we can’t dance our balls off while picking the flavours for our breakfast yogurt at our neighbourhood supermarket? Who said we can’t pick our noses, scratch our intensely itching privates (we all know how fucked up not tending to the itch can be), wear our shirt inside-out, wear 2 hats and all that other “weird” shit? Not god. We highly doubt that the creator of dogs, that love to eat their own shit, gives a shit about this shit.

The only social rule in our new universe should be: As long as you don’t harm anyone intentionally, do whatever the fuck you want. 

And if you see someone that does something you don’t like, tell that someone. And that someone who just got told that you’re being a little offensive, be understanding. This way, life would be much simpler, and happier, with a lot less conflicts, and bitching.

Here at festival grounds, let’s invite ourselves, and allow all others, to break out from senseless social norms. 

Wear an empty watermelon as a hat (we would really really like to see that on the main floor after this article has been published). And in case you fall over on the dance floor, your skull will at least be intact, even though we do now that your mind has already shattered into a million crystalline pieces after severe serotonin depletion.

We were born wild and free. And the social rules that came with living in caves were as simple as “Try not to eat your friend”. So let’s try that once again, and you might just discover that you actually have a talent in Tibetan throat singing while taking a shit.

And on the dance floor, don’t just “dance like no one’s watching”, dance like everyone’s gone mad. Don’t do shit because you think it looks socially acceptable. All dance is great dance. There are no ugly dance moves. This is psytrance for fuck’s sake, do a tango! Fly like a kite, point at the stars with your tongue, slap your own face with your dreadlocks. 

Oh, and there is no male/female way to dance either. Don’t go “Ooo, I can’t move my wrists that way, it looks way too girly.” Uptight straight men, trust me, you gotta know how to move like a woman to move a woman. 

So go forth, and embrace the true spirit of dance: Freedom. And oh yea, don’t forget the watermelon hat, please?

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