Day 4: Wear the heart of our tribe – fly our flag high

By Kai Teo
First published in the print edition of The Ozorian Prophet, Thursday Aug 6, 2015

Photo courtesy: Murilo Ganesh

This is day 4 in paradise. It doesn’t feel too bad, does it? I guess you must have felt it – the power of the human spirit, united in ecstatic tribal dance, stomping to the same beat, churning up the same dust, all free children of Mother Earth. 

This is our tribe. The tribe that believes in a better world, the tribe that embraces love, the tribe that wants a better future for our children, and our children’s children. 

If you’re smiling now, you already are one of us. And we honour you with all our hearts, and our souls. Now scream, “We are one! Motherfuckers!”

The spirit of Ozora, or the spirit of the universe, is something undeniable. The smiles and hugs shared freely by our people, the beautiful words exchanged between kindred souls, or simply, the gripping force on the trance floor that makes us howl as one voice. Yep, that’s the spirit, our spirit, our human spirit. 

At Ozora, we are all invited to be part of this tribe. And membership fees come at a high price – we want your heart and soul.

And somehow, our tribe seems to have a dress codelook around you right now. I know we’re kinda cliché with all the dreadlocks, harem pants, bindis, jingly-jangly anklets, flower-of-life tattoos, and this incredibly spaced out look. These things definitely don’t make us who we are, but to the world, it screams what we are. And they are watching.

So don’t just wear your dreads, wear our philosophy. 

When we go about our everyday business doing our every bullshit like submitting a bullshit presentation to our bullshit bosses, we have to remember that we are ambassadors to our tribe. We are the spokespersons for the new world. And we are, hopefully, the next stage of human evolution.

We might be a little naïve and not know the origins of the bindi, or dreadlocks, or why hippies always wear harem pants. We wear them because we think it’s kinda pretty, and we wear it because we want to identify ourselves, as a proud member of the tribe – The Tribe of Life. 

And the world watches with sceptical eyes, “These fucking hippies and their crystals. All they do is smoke weed and take acid everyday and waste their lives away. Get a job!”

Well, today, let our tribe respond. We say, “Fuck the society!” But fuck it nicely with loads of love. When we wear the colours of our tribe, we also have to embody the values of our future. Dreadlocks, bindis, harem pants, whatever. Today, we understand that these will not just be fashion statements, these are our colours. And we wear them with pride. 

With every Om tattoo, we embody the true spirit of the eternal Om. When we wear a piece of jewellery with the Flower of Life, it shows the world that we understand the blueprint of the universe. With every dreadlock on our head, we scream our oneness with all. 

If you want to look like a hippie, be one. Wear the everlasting values of peace, love, unity, respect and freedom in your soul. We are advertisements for our world, and we convince them with our infinite love. 

Bring a pair of scissors with you the next time you walk on the streets. Every hungry beggar that you’ve ignored, cut off one of your smelly dreads. Every old person that you didn’t offer your seat to, cut off another one. Every time you talk bad about another person, snip snip snip snip snip. 

Remember, if we want to be part of the new world, we have to learn to be responsible for it.

So the next time before we put on our sparkly bindi in the mirror, let’s ask ourselves, “Are we gonna love the world today?” If your answer is yes, wear the biggest fucking bindi you can find. 

And if you’re not into any of this shit, simply smile with your heart. And trust us, when we see that smile maybe somewhere on the streets of dirty, grimy London this winter, we will greet you with the same smile, and we’ll be honoured that you are one of us, a child of the future, and a proud, beautiful, rainbow warrior. 

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