Day 5: What have you learnt from the universe today?

By Kai Teo
First published in the print edition of The Ozorian Prophet, Friday Aug 7, 2015

Photo courtesy: Amit Itach

It’s been at least 5 continuous days of us stretching the fabrics of our neurons, expanding our consciousness, and peering into the core of our human existence. Is your brain still intact? Can you see these words? Good, let’s continue. 

At festivals, mind-massaging substances, whether synthetic or organic, tend to sneak themselves into our bloodstream sometimes, willingly or unwillingly. Our experiences vary from person to person. One night, I might be looking at pink metallic dragons waging wars against ancient alien empires, and your head might just be filled with continuously flowing divine images of fractal constellations.

But isn’t it kinda interesting that the revelations that we achieve from psychedelics all tend to be quite similar, throughout the world and across different cultures? Cliché shit, but true shit. We arrive at conclusions such as universal unconditional love, oneness, respect, freedom etc… 

Could there be some crucial wisdom that the universe that we’re all trying to unlock? Well, we might never find out, but we learn what we can and see in what ways we can apply these lessons in our everyday life. 

Remember when Pink Floyd sang these wise words, “You reached for the secret too soon, you cried for the moon.” 

There might be no ultimate truth. No breakthrough on the other side of the wormhole. We might not find the one clear purpose of all existence. Fuck it. 

Doesn’t mean that we’re gonna live life like savages and start clubbing one another to death. We haven’t seen the ultimate light, but we’ve caught glimpses of it. You know we might never get to open the window of our mind fully, that’s Buddha stuff. And admit it, sitting under a Bodhi tree for a few years doesn’t sound like very fun business. 

But every once in a while, little golden rays of light from cosmic wisdom sneak through the gaps of our consciousness, leaving us breathless, and sometimes, craving for more. 

“Teach me more! Universe! Come on! I want to become wiser! Yes, just one more little acidic drop on my tongue. If not, 3 more! Maybe then there will be some answers.”

It’s not how much you take, it’s how much you take out of what you take.

Even a little toke from the chillum can bring you into the “Self-help: Chill out” section of the Great Library of Cosmic Wisdom. When we chase the high and bombard ourselves with a conveyor belt of mind cocktails, we often get flooded with an overload of information that we can seldom process. And through our limited human intelligence, we end up by evaluating the experience with lame words such as “nice” and “fun” and “many pssshh pssshhh pew colours and wow”.

And we never need, need anything. These are merely wants. We have unlocked a little of the power of the human mind, and we know exactly what happens when the correct neurons are fired in a combination with a right rush of chemicals. The substances are merely tools. It’s our mind that takes the trip. 

So whatever we’re deciding to put in our mouths today, let’s see what lessons the universe can also put in our minds. 

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