Day 7: You can take us out of Ozora, but you’ll never take Ozora out of us

By Kai Teo
First published in the print edition of The Ozorian Prophet, Sunday Aug 9, 2015

Photo courtesy: Murilo Ganesh

Congratulations freaks and lovers, we’ve made it! For the past 7 days, we’ve successfully created a beautiful world of our own. We’ve been celebrating the great values of peace, love, unity, respect and freedom. And we now know that a society like ours doesn’t just work, it works perfectly.

On this one-week journey, we’ve each had our ups and downs. At times, we’ve forgotten to say hello to someone who greeted us in the morning, because we haven’t had our coffee. One evening, we pushed our way through the dance floor and stepped on some toes without apologising. It’s ok, let’s forgive ourselves, and forgive others. We’re all trying, so let’s give ourselves a pat on the back.

We have all been beautiful. We are now officially Ozorians. And we are now rainbow warriors ready to go into the world to splash it with the colours of love.

Ozora isn’t just another festival. It’s a revolution. And we have all been part of it. But this, is just the beginning.

You see, we probably have no clue how to build a fully functioning system for the children of our future. But we do know that the current system hasn’t been great at taking care of us, and something needs to be done. 

We do know that we need more love, more smiles, more hugs, more sharing. We do know that we want a world without strangers, where everyone is a brother and a sister. We do know that we want a tomorrow where the poor, weak, underprivileged, young, and old, can be taken care of.

And we know that together, we can make this possible. 

We’ve now been initiated through the spirit of Ozora, infused with the goddess of dance, and injected with a new life force that will power our love revolution. 

As we part ways, many of us will be going back to work, or to school, or to other festivals. And when we finally get ourselves back into the humdrum of everyday life, let us remember that we’ve now got the Ozorian family with us, and we understand what you are going through. 

When we get stuck in traffic, fucked over by our bosses, stepped on by our acquaintances, let us remember that we are rainbow warriors, and we are strong. Let us not falter, not fall back into the cycle of anger, and continue smiling and loving, because the world is looking.

The world wants change, and we’re not sure where to go. But at least we know, today is the start, and we begin with love. 

Now fly. We are Mother Nature’s children, we are the tribe of love, and we are the revolution. And world change, begins with us.

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