The night we went into outer space and danced with cosmic princesses

By: Kai Teo

Photos and video: Vladica Culic

Event: Divine Moments of Truth part III – Inkonst, Bergsgatan 29

Date: Saturday, 23 March ‘13
DJs: Ursa, Nos, Aries, Bacid & Mikmo
Genre: Psychedelic trance (dark / full-on)
Our rating: 4.5 / 5

Psytrance events in Malmö are almost as rare as UFO sightings.

So when Buddha Mag heard about Divine Moments of Truth, we immediately put on our space suits, strapped ourselves into our rainbow-coloured rockets and blasted ourselves straight to Inkonst. But not before covering our faces with neon paint and sticking way too many bindis on our foreheads.

What greeted us first was the thick, sweet fragrance of sandalwood incense and of course, the confused bouncer, who looked at us like we were aliens from an alternate universe.

The walls were covered with electric colours, concentric circles, gnomes sitting on mushrooms, Shiva, elves, spacey stuff, dreamy stuff, alice in acid wonderland stuff. We weren’t too sure, but at some point, that shit started moving and the elves were waving to us. It was a little freaky.

The tunes blaring from the speakers were hard as fuck. Pounding too-quick-to-dance-sexy beats were echoed with sounds of spaceship takeoffs, laser guns and a chaotic choir of dancing Optimus Primes. We were engulfed in a deep, dark atmosphere that was created to take our minds into a fantasy outer space.

We were pumping our fists and shaking our hair, when I felt something wet and slimy slap my face. I knew it, sweaty dreadlocks.

I looked around and amidst the thick smog, I could make out faint shadows of ecstatic hippies dressed in floral pants and homemade spandex, after-work bankers with slick gelled hair, teeth-grinding hip-hoppers with reversed baseball caps and baggy jeans, and some dude sitting in the corner of the dance floor staring intently at a crack on the wall.

Randomly pick out customers from an ICA queue at 7pm on a Wednesday evening, throw them together, feed them cheap vodka and flash strobe light in their faces. And here you go, the crowd for the night. The diverse mix of people would never be caught hanging out with one another outside Inkonst. But tonight, everyone fit in perfectly in a unison of smiles, pats on the backs, hugs and high-fives.

It felt like an exclusive tribe, bonded by the love of the higher consciousness. That’s what the world should be like (ok, disregard our strange, seemingly profound talk. It made perfect sense at that time though).

People who don’t usually listen to Psytrance would be utterly lost and confused here. I would imagine the scene to look a little scary for someone who’s used to indie pop.

Too many shots, too many pints, and too many cigarettes later, our face paint was badly smudge by our sweat and was running down our necks. And I found my bindi stuck on some dude’s hairy back.

The music was fading into the background as we drifted in and out of a dreamlike state. We raised our fists in a final attempt to capture the moment, when the bright lights finally came on, revealing a sea of dilated pupils and waking us from our communal trance.

Not sure if we encountered any truly divine moments. But we definitely couldn’t stop smiling for another three hours.